Endymion: A Legend of Love and Sleep

Many ask where the name Endy comes from. Here's the answer...

Endymion, in Greek mythology was a legendary character; a beautiful youth that spent his life in perpetual sleep. His story; a tale of love and sleep. There are variations of the tale, but what matters most is his relationship with the eternally beautiful goddess of the moon, Selene. Selene loved Endymion but was faced with a problem. Selene was an immortal who would retain her youth and good looks forever, but Endymion was a mortal who would age and eventually die. Selene’s answer to the problem was to cast a spell on Endymion, sending him into eternal sleep. In this state of slumber, Endymion retained his youth and good looks.

Like Endymion, us mortals share the same fate. Stay beautiful, get a good night's sleep with Endy! #LoveSleep