Sleep Positions: What does your sleep style say about you?

Many people fall asleep in a position that feels most comfortable - but did you know, even your sleep position can decode your personality traits? 


The fetal sleep position is considered the most popular sleep style.  Sleeping to the side, knees tucked and body curled in with either one or both arms under the pillow.  If you sleep in this position, it is common to have a tough exterior, but be soft and sensitive under the surface.  It may take some time for you to warm up to people but eventually become more social.  You look at the world optimistically and treat people well even though you take your relationships slowly. 


Described as the ‘Yearner’, this sleeping position involves a person sleeping on their side with their arms extended out in front of their body.  This position indicates that you are very inviting and open, but often suspicious.  You are not easily misled.  As a yearner, while you may have difficulty making a decision, once your mind is made up – there is nothing changing it.


Oddly enough, this position is as it sounds, like a log – full vertical, lying on the side with both arms extending straight against the body.  If you sleep in this position, you are likely to be very easy going and trusting, often bordering on gullible.  You have a calm and kind disposition, with a strong ability to make friends easily.


Military style sleep position, lying back down and each arm is situated straight down against the body.  If you sleep in this position, you are likely more quiet, reserved and someone who takes themselves very seriously.  You have high expectations of yourself and of the people you engage with have a very structured lifestyle.  You are also very likely to be open to new experiences and don’t mind being the center of attention.


A freefall sleeping position is when a person finds comfort lying on their stomach with either cheek against the pillow and their hands placed under or near the pillow.  If you are a freefaller, you are likely to display a very open, sociable personality but can be rather aggressive at times.  You have strong set of principles and can be very meticulous in your daily life.  As a freefaller, you gravitate towards routine and comfort.


A person who sleeps in a Starfish position is on their back sprawled out with arms stretched up and legs stretched out.   If you are a starfish sleeper, you are a good listener, very loyal and someone who puts those you care about in high priority.  While you possess confidence, you are not keen on being the center of attention.  You have an optimistic outlook on life and are openly willing to help those in need. 

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