Endy Sleep Supports the Fight Against Malaria: Buy a Mattress. Save a Life.

With every mattress delivered, Endy Sleep donates one bed net to Nothing But Nets in hopes that a life will be saved. We would like to further our support of Nothing But Nets and need your help! Help us support their pledge to send 1 million bed nets across Sub-Saharan Africa by 2016 by sharing this post on your personal timeline. For every 1000 shares, we will donate 100 bed nets to the organization. 

Endy Sleep strongly believes in the importance of sleep health for everyone. Through infected mosquitos, millions of families in Africa fall victim to malaria while sleeping and die because they are unable to access or afford the proven method of prevention: insecticide-treated bed nets. Studies show that 90% of malaria incidences can be reduced by the proper use of bed nets.

Each bed net costs $10 but, without funds or easy access, families are unable to protect themselves from the disease. Help us support the cause by spreading the word with your shares, and more people can sleep peacefully knowing they are protected from malaria.   

Learn more about Endy Sleep’s partnership with Nothing but Nets by clicking here.

Support details: For 1000 people who share this post on their wall, Endy Sleep will donate 100 bed nets to Nothing But Nets. Please share, spread awareness, and help support this life-saving mission.  Until May 8, 2015


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