Mattresses Against Malaria

A child dies from malaria every single minute. It’s chilling just to say it out loud, but it’s true. 

Malaria affects millions of families throughout South America, Asia, and most predominantly, Africa. Transmitted by infected mosquitos, malaria is one of the biggest threats to the well being of so many young people.

But what is most tragic is that many of these deaths can be prevented. A proven way to save lives is by stopping the disease before it is transmitted with insecticide-treated bednets. In some areas, properly used bednets can reduce the incidence of malaria by 90 percent.

So why isn’t there a bednet on every bed that needs one? Although they are just ten dollars each, most families in the developing world don’t have the funds or access necessary to get them.

Endy proudly partners with Nothing but Nets to donate a bed net for every mattress purchased. These bednets are sent to the places in Africa that have the highest demand, giving you another reason to love sleep – knowing that another person on the other side of the world can sleep soundly, without fear of malaria.  

Have you ever travelled to an area with Malaria? What precautions did you take?