Reasons Why Sleeping Naked is Great For Your Health

When it comes to a good nights sleep, sleeping naked promises several health benefits, from an improved hormonal balance to better sex and weight loss.  With all the benefits, it’s a surprise that most of us sleep in PJs. According to a national sleep survey by the home furnishings retailer Anna’s Linens, most of us sleep in our PJs.  Only 8% reap these scientifically proven health benefits, sleeping in the nude regularly.

Better, Longer, Deeper Sleep

In order for your body to enter into a deeper state of sleep, your body needs to cool down.  The optimal temperature ranges from 65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit (18-22 degrees Celsius).   Restlessness and insomnia can be experienced from sleeping hot.   With that being said, sleeping in your birthday suit can prevent the body from overheating.

Retain Youth

Getting your beauty rest is a must to prevent accelerated aging.  Maintaining optimal body temperature during sleep is essential for proper hormone balance.  Anti-aging hormones melatonin and growth hormone work best at lower temperatures, allowing the body to regenerate, promising better hair and skin.  

Lose Weight

Your poor sleeping habits could be causing you more belly fat thanks to the increased stress that comes with poor quality sleep.  During periods of rest, cortisol (a stress hormone) is released less than any other time of the day.  Better sleep, prevents you from waking up with high cortisol levels.  Abnormally high cortisol levels result in an increased appetite for comfort foods, leading to overeating.  Additionally, high cortisol levels weaken the immune system, raise blood pressure and cholesterol, lower your libido, and disrupt normal sleeping patterns.

Improve Sex

Oxytocin is a ‘feel-good’ hormone that counters stress and depression. Sleeping in the nude with your partner results in a higher Oxytocin levels through skin-to-skin contact and intimacy.  Another bonus, no clothes in bed means more opportunities…if you know what I mean.