Combat Fatigue and Get Your Energy Back

Everyday life can be stressful.  It’s not uncommon to be fatigued day-to-day with all the work-related and personal responsibilities we are faced with.  We look to sugar and a caffeine fix to perk us up during the day, and then struggle to fall asleep at night.  Here are some tested and scientifically-backed ways to get your energy back.

Start the Day with a Morning Burst of Energy

There’s nothing more important than starting the day right.  This means eating the right breakfast, and easing your body into the day. 

Get your Blood Pumping

Wake up and stretch! Light stretching or yoga is perfect for helping open blocked energy pathways, releasing tension, and reducing pain.

Eat Your Greens…or drink them

A healthy breakfast will give you the energy you need to start your day. How fast your body recovers its strength depends heavily on what you eat.  “Greens are the No. 1 food you can eat regularly to help improve your health,” according to Jill Nussinow, MS, RD a culinary educator and the author of Veggie Queen.  Leafy vegetables are packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and healthy plant-based substances that can help prevent health problems.  A morning smoothie is a convenient, healthy, and not to mention tasty choice.  Smoothies are simple to prepare, easy to digest, and can easily be packed with healthy leafy greens.  Forget that morning coffee and opt for an energizing smoothie!

Stay Energized Through the Day

Too much go-go-go!  Tight deadlines, back-to-back conference calls and last minute meetings call for a break. 

Take a Time-Out

We need to slow down now and then to allow our body and mind to rest and recover.  Take a few minutes to get some fresh air or go for a short walk, slowing you heart rate and breathing to healthier levels. 

Eat a Good Size Lunch

Food energizes.  Lunch is when your digestion peaks and your body burns calories the most efficiently.  Eat a lunch full of wholesome and unprocessed ingredients.  Packing a lunch is always the best way to make healthy choices and keep track of what you’re eating.


Regular exercise will give you more energy throughout your days, leaving you feeling less tired and drained.  Start small; a 15-minute walk is perfect for a quick energy boost.

Ease Into the Evening

Power down

Once bedtime starts creeping up, it’s time to power down your electronics.  Let’s call it electronic shut down.  Blinking/glowing lights inhibit sleep. Lights make it harder to fall asleep and reach restorative sleep. Shut off your phones, tablets, TVs, and all other digital screens that inhibit sleep, or wear a sleep mask.

Drink Less Alcohol

Wine may make you sleepy but you sleep less deeply with alcohol in your system.  Cut out alcohol before bedtime.  And if that's too much to ask, before you fall asleep drink plenty of water after to keep you hydrated.

No one wants to go day-to-day feeling like a zombie.  Try these tips to stay perky and energized!