Paying Attention to Employee Sleep Habits

It's a well known fact that healthy employees drive success and that a lack of sleep has negative effects on health and ultimately business. This is why companies are increasingly tapping into their employee's sleep habits and finding ways to help them improve their quality of sleep. 

Here’s how big business is encouraging good sleep hygiene:


The first step in managing is measuring! Tracking sleep with the latest sleep apps is a great way to figure out how much sleep employees are actually getting. For a look at our favs check out this blog post!

Medical coverage

Sleep doctors treat a number of sleep disorders and conditions from snoring to sleep apnea. Allowing employees to access a sleep specialist decreases the likelihood of work related accidents.

Work Naps

Short naps (20-30 minutes) have been shown to increase productivity and alertness. A NASA study found that 26-minute nap improved performance 34% and alertness 54%. Notable companies that provide nap spaces include:

  • Google
  • Huffington Post Media Group
  • Endy

Limit working hours

When employees stay at work well past 5pm it might be time to set some boundaries to ensure they get home at a decent hour and get some shut eye. Volkswagen limits employee’s access to email 30 minutes after their shift and 30 minutes before their shift.