Dream Hacks – Because Every Night Should Be Like a Night at The Movies

A dream…a thing of mystery, but not impossible to control. For those who want to have more vivid dreams, and even take control of them, there are things you can do to help as explained in the Buzzfeed video above.

Upon waking, your dreams fade. Keeping a dream journal by your bed to write your dreams down when you wake (in present tense) will help you make connections between your dreams and your daily life. 

Some lucid dreamers claim that lavender and chamomile help induce lucid and more vivid dreams. These herbs can be placed in a small pillow. It may not work for everyone but at least you’ll wake up smelling nice!

Give yourself reality checks.  When you’re awake, say to yourself, “I can see!” “I can feel!” “I am aware!” These reality checks will help you distinguish a dream from reality.  Lucid dreamers suggest completing twelve reality checks a day. 

Meditation is believed to have various positive effects on both body and mind. Lucid dream experts recommend meditating in order to have vivid dreams.

A little help from diet, such as eating cheese and dairy products, can also help bring about more vivid dreams.  According to some food scientists, cheese and dairy products produce chemicals that can transmit signals to your brain.  A British study claims that the sharper the cheese, the more intense the dream is.

If you're an avid dreamer, try these dream hacks for an awesome lucid dream experience. #DreamOn