How to Sleep Easy When Your Mind is Buzzing

Ever feel like you've got Restless Mind Syndrome (RMS)?

Your mind is on the go all the time. When you’re doing something that requires singular focus, you can’t rein in your thoughts. You’re easily distracted by external disturbances.

Does RMS creep up on you when it’s time for bed?

We're sleep experts , and we’re sharing here what you can do to sleep easy.

Want to sleep easy? Give these a try...

Take one breath at a time.

Breathe slowly and deeply. Inhale through your nose for four or five counts, and exhale through your mouth over about eight to ten counts. Do this ten times.

Do you feel a bit better? You can always go for another ten times, then another ten… until… you’re asleep.

Listen to soothing music, if that helps slow your breathing.

Think one thought at a time.

Just like multi-tasking is overrated, so is thinking many thoughts all at once. So choose one thought and think about that alone.

It may take several minutes before your brain has cleared enough to be thinking just one thought, and that’s normal.

Don’t know what one thought to think on?

Try some mindful meditation. That’s thinking about what is happening in the present moment. How does your breathing feel? How does your body feel? Check in with each part of your body, and release tension wherever you can.

Try some visualization. Imagine yourself in a place that makes you feel calm.

If that swirling list of to-dos keeps creeping in, get everything you need to do down on paper. Then, build a sequential to-do list.

Next time those to-dos won’t stop buzzing around in your mind, remind yourself to think about them sequentially – not simultaneously.

Hopefully, with a plan to get each thing done in an order you set, you won’t have to obsess on the list while you’re in bed.

Write down all the racing thoughts.

If you really can’t sleep, sit up, get a piece of paper and a pen, and write down what you’re thinking.

Don’t worry about what you’re writing, or how much sense it makes. Just get down what’s buzzing through, and how you’re feeling.

If you want to follow a thought for a bit, do so. If you don’t, drop it.

Let the next thought in, and write that one down. Maybe follow that one.

Discover the magic of releasing your internal chatter onto the page. Journaling can be just the way to let all those anxious voices know that you’ve heard them, and well enough that you can step away from them.

What if you journaled every morning? See if that doesn’t keep your mind more focused as you go about your day, and see if that doesn’t help you sleep easy at night.

Say “no” when you mean to.

Is your mind racing at bed because you’ve taken on more than you can handle? Or more than you want to handle?

Have you put off communicating a decision that you’ve already made? Are you putting off making a final decision, even though you’ve been leaning toward “no” for awhile already?

Try this: Next time you get an invitation to something you know you don’t want to attend, don’t send a soft “let me think about it” no. Send a polite, but firm, “no.”

The whole idea here is to limit how much you’re thinking about. Reserve your “thinking about it” energy for those things – invitations or otherwise – that you really do need to think about. You’ll have a clearer head for what really matters to you, and you’ll sleep easier, too.

End your relationships with toxic people.

That person who takes all your precious energy and offers you nothing in return – it’s time to stop letting that person unload on you all the time.

Seriously, don’t take their call as you’re getting ready for bed.

Stop enabling them and they’ll probably take a hint. If they don’t, you might need to address them more directly, or get out of touch entirely, if they refuse to respect the new boundaries you’re setting.

Connect with people who uplift you.

Cultivate a few deep and meaningful friendships with people who make you want to live your best life and who help hold you accountable to your dreams and goals every day. Go to sleep feeling accomplished, like you've used the day well.

Find the few people who are there through the ups and downs, who would be there in a moment no questions asked. They'll give you the peace of mind that it takes to sleep easy.

Break free from the digital black hole.

The more you’re connected to the world via your devices, the more you’re disconnected from yourself.

We’ve all been there: We’re browsing on social media to decompress, we look up at the clock, and we can’t imagine where all the time just went. There are only a few hours left to sleep before work.

The technology we use to unwind actually stimulates the brain, making it harder to sleep.

Turn off the constant notifications – some for good, some for days at a time, some for chunks of each day.

If you spend all day getting pulled from what you’re focusing on, how are you supposed to focus your brain for sleep?

Set yourself a rule about how long you need to be technology-free as you wind down . Replace that time spent on a screen with a warm bath , or a warm non-caffeinated beverage. Read a book.

Get exercise.

As you’re lying there, mind racing, ask yourself: is my body tired?

Maybe you’re having trouble sleeping because your body hasn’t earned it.

Did you break from work to take a walk? Did you make it to the gym, or yoga class?

It’s always easier to fall asleep when the body’s been worked hard enough to need the sleep.

Plus, exercise releases feel-good chemicals and quiets the brain, too. Use exercise to calm restless mind syndrome during the day, then reap the benefits of a tired body when it comes time to shut down at night. Win win.

We’re here so you can sleep easy.

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