a.m./p.m. - Mirian Njoh, model, stylist, content creator

Featured in this week’s a.m./p.m. is Mirian Njoh, a model, stylist, and content creator changing the sartorial landscape with every creative move she makes. Check out her blog, Love Mirian, for her fashion and life musings and her womenswear brand, Sororum, which features handpicked jewelry and accessories to celebrate global and style-conscious women.

Learn about Mirian’s morning and nightly routine, her experience as an style assistant for Rihanna’s iconic “Work” video, plus her passion for style and individuality, in our interview with her below!

Mirian Njoh (Photo: Rob Sgrignoli; graphic design: Cat Walrond)

Mirian Njoh (Photo: Rob Sgrignoli; graphic design: Cat Walrond)

Give us the low down on your morning routine. What steps do you take to ensure you’re ready to tackle the day ahead?

My morning routine changes depending on my schedule for the day. I hate waking up early and will get up the latest I can if I'm going to be on set or have an early morning appointment so it'll probably be a rushed or strictly regimented start to the day. If I don't have to wake up early, I usually prefer a more leisurely start to my day. As soon as I wake up I'll say a prayer and think about what I have planned or want to achieve for the day ahead. I like starting the day off doing some stretches because that helps me wake up if I'm feeling sluggish. I check my email and Instagram pretty soon after I wake up too. Then I go through my morning facial routine, shower, eat breakfast, and get the day started.

What’s the most fulfilling part about being a model with albinism?

The most fulfilling part about having albinism and getting to model or work with brands in other ways is having the ability to show people it's possible. When I was younger, I didn't see anybody that looked like me doing things like this. There was no representation in the media for people with unique features like mine. But now the landscape is changing and I'm happy to be able to be part of that change and show people you can look different, be confident, be empowered, and celebrate your uniqueness in this type of way. I've really made it a mission to go as far as I can go and be that example for others that I never had growing up.

Tell us about Sororum. What inspired you to start this womenswear brand?

Sororum is a womenswear brand built with the vision of expanding the narrative about African fashion. Being West African, I've been back home a lot and one of my favorite things to do when I go back is have clothes custom made for me. I love the process of going to the market to pick out a fabric you like, finding a design you want made, and going to a tailor to have them make it specially for you. I rarely see ankara, a fabric commonly used in West African fashion, used in the West and I want to change that. As I've gotten older, I've grown a sense of pride in wearing it and I want to share it with more people on this side of the world who may not be familiar with ankara or who have a limited understanding and exposure to African fashion. I've sourced all the jewelry and accessories from markets in Morocco and Liberia and all the fabric is from local vendors in Liberia too. I design all the clothing, draft the patterns, and sew all the samples myself.

If you could put together your dream photoshoot, who would it include (photographer, stylist, make-up artist), where would it be, and what would it be about?

The photographer would have to be Ellen von Unwerth. I've been in love with her work for over a decade now and she was one of my biggest inspirations to pick up a camera and learn photography. The stylist would be Anna Trevelyan and the makeup artist would be Pat McGrath. We'd shoot in Tokyo because it's my dream destination to visit and it would be all about vibrant colours and girl power.

We heard through the grapevine that you were involved with Rihanna’s iconic “Work" video. How were you involved and what was the experience like?

Yes, I worked on Rihanna's “Work” video as a stylist assistant in the wardrobe team. It was such an unforgettable experience and definitely one of the highlights of my styling career. The energy was amazing, the clothes were amazing. I felt so energized being in that environment and working with the rest of the production team. And yes, Rihanna is just as magical and beautiful in person as you think she is.

How do you get ready for bedtime? What are some things you have to do before going to bed?

I try to begin winding down by turning off the TV a bit before I plan on going to bed. I'm more of a night owl so I have to make an effort to get to bed at a reasonable time. I'll probably be on Instagram. I'll plan what I'm doing the next day and make notes in my calendar. I'll go through my nighttime facial routine, get into bed, pray, and try to fall asleep. It usually takes a while for me to do that so I might try to meditate or take some deep breaths if that helps the process.