6 Reasons Why Sleeping Naked Is Good For You

For a quality snooze, the less you wear the better. And it all has to do with your body’s thermoregulation process.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, our brains regulate our body temperature to keep it at a steady 98.6 degrees. Minor fluctuations throughout the day is normal, but one of the most notable shifts is when we are drifting off to sleep. In keeping with your natural sleep cycle, a.k.a. your circadian rhythm, your body temperature decreases a couple hours before your bedtime as melatonin is released to ease you into sleep. Your body temperature continues to drop until you reach the end of your REM sleep cycle, and at that point, your brain starts its cortisol production to raise your temperature and wake you up.

When clothing enters the mix, there’s more for your body to work through in order to regulate your body temperature. Imagine trying to sleep in the heat of summer without a fan or air conditioning — it’s brutal, right? Fussing around because of the heat is not only annoying, but it also hinders your quality of sleep, and we know that deep REM sleep is important for our cognitive functioning, memory processing, and mood regulation.

Here’s why you should be sleeping naked:

YOU’LL Fall asleep faster

Sleeping naked contributes to lowering your body temperature so your body is receiving the signal that it’s time to hit the hay.

YOU’LL EXPERIENCE Better quality sleep

Too hot of an environment impacts your REM sleep, so sleeping in the nude better sets you up for uninterrupted, quality Z’s.

YOU’LL Limit weight gain

Studies have shown that inadequate sleep can contribute to weight gain. By sleeping naked, your body is kept cool and can help you burn some calories throughout the night.

YOU’LL Keep your skin healthy

A study was done to investigate whether lack of sleep affected the skin’s ability to heal, and the results showed that the test group that slept well recovered from minor wounds faster. If quality sleep heightens skin turnover, sleeping naked would certainly heighten this.

YOU’LL REDUCE stress and anxiety

It’s no secret that poor sleep has a huge impact on our stress levels. Therefore, ensuring quality sleep will help you manage and reset so you’re ready to take on the days ahead.  

YOU’LL STAY healthy downstairs

Tight clothing in areas where moisture can easily build up can lead to unwanted bacterial growth. For women, yeast infections can become a reality while men run the risk of lowering their sperm count.

So you understand the benefits but still can’t forfeit clothing? Opt for pajamas that are lightweight, natural, and moisture-wicking.

P.S. If you’re going to sleep naked, make sure you’ve got the quality sheets to treat your body right.