Endy's June Content Creators On The Rise

For Pride month, we’re celebrating our Endy partners who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community. Equality for all is something that we value deeply at Endy, and we’re proud to not just partner with these influencers, but also share their amazing stories and their Endy journey with their audiences via #endypartner.  

See who we featured in our June roundup below!


Allie & Sam

Instagram: @allieandsam

Hailing from Halifax, Allie and Sam are parents to their two fur babies, Ferguson and Lily, and are the masterminds behind @aandssocial, your ultimate Instagram management how-to spot. Follow their blog or YouTube channel to keep up with the amazing travels and adventures of these brides-to-be!

“We've been feeling so rested, so much less achey, and over the moon that the pets have started sleeping in the bed with us (a dream come true)! 🐾 Our sleep habits have truly improved so much and we cannot recommend @endy enough! It's crazy how much of a difference a good night's sleep can make, isn't it?”


Adrian & Jeremy

Instagram: @foodgays

We dare you to visit Adrian’s and Jeremy’s Instagram account and not drool. These Vancouver-based foodies are all about creating colourful and tasty meals. They’re also freelance writers for online publications like Martha Stewart, Food & Wine, and are contributing editors for The Feed Feed.

“Weekends were made for lounging in bed, right?! 💤 and since we switched to our new @endy mattress, it’s fair to say we spend *a lot* more time here (elliot included) 😴Our sleep has become a lot more enjoyable and restful overall - less tossing and turning during the night, and the pillows are freaking amazing 💯”

bianca-venerayan .jpg

Bianca Venerayan

Instragram: @biancaveneryan

Bianca is a Toronto-based writer, a registered yoga/meditation teacher, and content creator. Her work focuses on mental health, wellness, environmental sustainability, and social consciousness. Check out her website to see where Bianca will host her next workshop or feel free to book a private yoga class.

"What's King bed without a Queen? Upgraded to an @endy made-in-Canada king size bed to fit @fuzzycarl and I comfortably (we both sleep starfish), as if I don't already struggle with leaving in the morning #sleepnorth #endypartner"


Jean Francois

Instagram: @jeanfrancoiscd

Jean Francois is a makeup artist from Montreal showing his viewers a new perspective on beauty. Follow him and his amazing tutorials on his YouTube channel.

“Tout comme le matelas, l’oreiller est fait de mousse mémoire donc c’est le confort assuré! Et je ne serai pas gêner de lui faire des câlins même quand mon prince viendra me retrouver!”


Becka & Dani

Instagram: @beckaanddani

Recently married, Becka and Dani (and their pup) call Halifax home where they explore, try new foods, and binge crime shows. Follow their blog to stay in-the-know of all their adventures.

“Real talk, getting a good nights rest is a must in this house! So happy to replace our old mattress with the Canadian-made @endy mattress!”


Matt Benfield

Instagram: @mr.benfield

Matt (left) is a Toronto creative all about living with sustainability top-of-mind. Check out his YouTube channel with his partner, Omar (right), where they share their stories and adventures.

“Who do you think will win this pillow fight you guys? 🙋🏻‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️ Tbh, probably neither of us since we're constantly overheating in this crazy hot weather 😅 Regardless of who's the pillow fight champion, we both can't get enough of our @endy mattress (and these oh so comfy pillows 😴).”


Darcy Pierce

Instagram: @darcyfierce

Based in Toronto, Darcy is a model with B&M Models and an official ambassador with Pride Toronto. He's also a certified personal trainer with BARRYS Bootcamp in Toronto. Make sure to catch one of his classes!

“Next level beauty sleep fam! Come thru ENDY with a king mattress and pillow set for your boi😴✨”


Karl Hardy

Instagram: @karl_hardy

Known for his work on Call TV and VJ Recherché, Karl is a refreshing personality lighting up the Quebec television landscape.

“Je pense que je n'ai jamais autant passé de temps dans mon lit que depuis que j'ai reçu mon matelas @Endy. 😴 No joke, mes problèmes de dos sont presque partis et je n'ai plus mal au cou. Je dors mieux et je suis moins stressé. C'est si important pour la santé (autant physique que mentale) de bien dormir.”