How To Fall Asleep When It’s Too Hot

You know the feeling: the bedroom air is heavy, you’re sticking to your sheets, and your skin feels tacky thanks to the light layer of sweat you’ve developed. 

There are few things worse than trying to fall asleep on a hot summer night with no air conditioning. Don’t get us wrong—we love summertime and the easy-breezy smiles and good times it brings. But when you’re missing that luxury cooling machine during those unbearably hot nights, catching your zzz’s can be really difficult. 

So how does one stop the heat from keeping you up at night? Consider these tips so you can stay cool and get your snooze on. 

Open up 

This tip is a given: Open up your windows. More often than not, the temperature cools off in the night, so there’s a good chance for air flow that’ll make it easier to fall asleep. 

Clothing that wicks 

Sleeping sans clothing might seem like a reasonable option if you’re too sweaty or are a hot sleeper, but wearing light cotton clothing can actually help wick away the moisture from your body to make you more comfortable.

Take a cold shower

Nothing quite wakes you up than a cold shower in the morning, but this wake-up call can encourage sleep to wash over you too. Alternatively, heat is lost faster through your extremities, so try soaking your feet in cold water or wetting our hair to cool off.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Water is a natural cooling agent, so keeping your thirst quenched with cold water will help you rest easy. You lose moisture when you’re sweating, so drinking lots of water will keep you from waking up in the middle of the night dehydrated.

Hog the bed 

Some people are human furnaces when they sleep, which is great for the winter chill but not so much for the summer heat. Sharing a bed with your partner or pet could be making you hotter than necessary, so claim an individual sleeping spot and spread eagle! 

Lay low

For those who live in a multi-level home, keep in mind that heat rises. So when your upstairs bedroom is too toasty, consider sleeping downstairs for a cooler environment. 

Get a fan

Just can’t beat the heat? There’s no shame in getting a fan to aid you at night. Word of advice: place the fan in a well-ventilated area—keep your door/window open—so air can flow freely and you can sleep easy.