9 Essential Items for Back to School

It’s officially back to school season, and preparation for a successful year means equipping the student’s home–whether they’re leaving the nest or not–with the proper items to tackle whatever uni-life throws at them.

From proper lighting for late-night studying to a comfortable mattress for resting, we’ve put together an A+ list of core essentials that’ll make student life convenient and comfortable.

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Wake-up clock

Sure, the startling ring of a phone alarm works wonders in jolting a sleepyhead head awake, but how about something a little more subtle? Clocks like the Philips Wake-up Light simulates a sunrise for a gentle, more natural wake-up scene. It’ll be especially nice for the dead of winter when the mornings are quite dark.

An Amazon Prime student subscription

Let’s be honest: Amazon truly has everything you could possibly need, so signing up for their six-month free prime trial is an A+ decision. For emergency deliveries to much-needed time to unwind with new TV shows, Amazon is really proving it’s the one stop shop.

An amazingly comfortable mattress

Even throughout the hustle of student life, prioritizing a good night’s rest means prepping your mind and body to successfully tackle your agenda! The Endy Mattress is a good place to start. It also comes in a box no bigger than a hockey bag, so there’s no need to awkwardly strap your mattress to the roof of the family car or struggle to wedge it into a tiny elevator. 

Smart lighting

Pulling an all-nighter for whatever reason is a university rite of passage. When times get tough, make sure you’ve got the right lighting to get through the night. Since no dorm or apartment decoration session happens without a trip to IKEA, check out their TRÅDFRI light bulb and remote kit. You can adjust the tone of the light from warm, cool, or something in between. Plus, the remote control means you can do this from your bed! 

Mini fridge 

When you’re busy reading, writing, and running between classes, it can be hard to eat healthy. A mini fridge is essential to dorm life so you can store your own healthy snacks (apples, carrots, hummus) to keep your brain stimulated and stomach satiated.

A laundry basket with wheels 

Lugging around your dirty laundry is an awkward hassle. Instead, equip your space with a wheeled laundry basket so you can gracefully move to and from the laundry room. Depending on your facilities, it’s always handy to keep quarters and loonies at-the-ready. 

A spill-proof thermos 

As a student, there’s probably nothing more traumatizing that opening up your bag and realizing that liquid has spilled all over your precious, expensive things. Get yourself a thermos that keeps your liquids contained so you never have to experience ruined notebooks or a laptop drowning in rice.


Being a student means likely won’t have a lot of dough on hand, so finding a steal of a deal whenever you’re at the grocery store is key. Get Flipp (available for Apple or Android) to see all of the flyers within your area so you know exactly which stores to visit to capitalize on the deals!

Bluetooth speaker 

Gatherings, big and small, are inevitable when you’re in school. Rather than blasting that specially curated playlist through your computer, a bluetooth speaker allows for better sound quality. Plus, your party instantly became more portable! There are a lot of options out there so don’t fret over have to shell out too much for a good quality speaker.