How Long Do Snails Sleep For?

Snails are many things: they’re deaf, nocturnal, and hermaphrodites... to name a few. But an especially fun fact is that snails can sleep for up to three years via hibernation.  

According to a 2011 study by the University of Toronto, snails can sleep for several hours at a time or in several bouts over a period of time, but when they hibernate, they sink into a deep sleep for up to 3 years. Why? Like other mammals, hibernation is a very normal state to retreat to until the conditions of the environment become more favourable. (Too bad hibernation is not something humans can do. Must be nice.)

They also can fall into a state of aestivation, which is basically summer hibernation, to keep away from the high temperatures that would dry them out. 

In general, snails have a different sleep pattern than humans, and it’s one that lasts 2-3 days versus 24 hours.

For most creatures, circadian rhythms follow the patterns of the sun – that’s why we eat, sleep, and play at particular times of the day. A snail’s sleep cycle is simply longer, and considering their slower lifestyle, it’s fitting. 

On top of having a pretty nice sleep schedule, snails can sleep anywhere – and in any position – too thanks to their mucus which helps them stick to places.

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