8 Reasons Why You Aren’t Sleeping and How to Deal

Our generation is notorious for our sleeping disorders. We are restless and confused, and it's keeping us awake. Here's the why and how-to on coping with our fidgety minds. 

You’RE waiting for that goodnight text or reply

Find yourself staying up waiting for that special someone to send you that goodnight text? We’ve all been there. If this is preventing you from getting your beauty rest, it’s time to take initiative. Send the text first.


Bedtime can be tough when you’re feeling restless. Here are some of the strategies that have helped me:


Click here to check out these meditation apps for Android and iPhone.


For some, light cardio could be the cure, while others might find more success in practicing yoga and basic stretching. Test out various forms of movement and see what works best for you. Create a routine and stick to it.

White Noise

The link above also has some great Apps for white noise. Also try some calming and/or easy to ignore music.

You’re feeling antsy

Whether it’s a test, job interview, or the eve of a big presentation, part of being prepared getting enough shut-eye. There’s only so much cramming and preparing you can do, so do what you can and make sure to include rest as part of your recipe for success.

You need to get something off your chest

As you settle into bed, it’s hard not to let the thoughts and feelings you’ve repressed rise to the surface of your mind. Instead of swimming in your thoughts, trying writing them down – typing them out works too. Seeing a physical form of your thoughts can work wonders at validating your feelings and putting your mind at ease.

Your room isn’t clean

Whether you’re OCD or not, a messy room means a messy sleep. Take 10-15 minutes before bed to de-clutter, organize, and dust. Not only will it help you sleep better, but it will also save you time in the morning. Knowing where things are is half the battle.


Have a snack… it’s okay! Sometime a little bit to munch on before bed puts your tastebuds to rest so you can ultimately hit the hay with ease. Here are some foods to consider.

You’re either too hot or too cold

Too cold? Turn up the heat a little, have a warm chamomile tea and load up on blankets and covers. Too hot? Lightly turn up the AC and jump into a cold shower, it really is the best cure.

You’re excited

Excitement can be the hardest emotion to put to rest, so find a healthy way to channel all this extra juice so you can sleep all through the night. Including exercise into your routine while being mindful of your diet is a good place to start.