9 Surprising Facts About Canadian Sleep Habits

Instead of hitting the hay, we hit the streets and polled Canadians from coast-to-coast to learn all about their bedtime routines and sleep habits. Ever stop to wonder what the rest of Canada does before dozing off at night? Well, you’re in luck. The results of our study are in, and they just might surprise you!

1. Only 26% of Canadians report getting an average of Eight hours of sleep a night.

The three most popular answers were eight hours (26%), seven hours (21%) and nine hours (10%). Shout out to those getting nine hours - get your sleep on. You can’t cheat sleep. Getting less than eight hours increases your risk of depression, so go ahead, and snooze your heart out.

2. 30% of Canadians go to sleep at 11 P.M.

Why be up during the wee hours of the night when you can be sleeping? Apparently 11 p.m. marks the happy medium of those who like to sleep at 10 p.m. (19%) and midnight (11%).

3. 25% of Canadians wake up at 6 A.M.

You’re having the best sleeps of your life on an Endy, but that doesn’t make waking up any easier. Not an early bird? Maybe you fall into one of the other groups who wake up at 7 a.m. (23%) and 7:30 a.m. (10%). If you’re not an early bird, here’s three reasons why you should be: you’ll be more productive, actually get to enjoy breakfast, and grogginess will be a thing of the past.

4. Nearly 70% of Canadians watch TV as one of their main activities before bed.

Looks like we’ve been hit with the 'one more episode' epidemic. Besides watching TV, the five most common activities Canadians do before bed include: reading (53%), talking to their partner (28%), checking their phone (22%) and having sex (12%). Although the vast majority of Canadians watch TV before bed, doing this negatively impacts the quality of one's sleep. Instead, try reading a book, journalling or unwinding with some tea before you catch some Zzz’s.

5. Nearly 60% of Canadians sleep with others most nights.

Sure, those who sleep alone (39%) can sleep in the starfish position undisturbed, but what beats cuddling before bed? Nothing. 

6. 35% of Canadians sleep on their right side.

For many Canadians, their right side just feels... right. Other popular positions include sleeping on their left side (34%), on their back (15%) and on their stomach (10%). Sleeping on your back or side is best, but let’s be real, we probably rotate through all of these positions.

7. 66% of Canadians never sleep with a pet.

Sorry, Fluffy, but you’ve got to go. Only 18% of Canadians sleep with their pet regularly, and 16% occasionally. Having pets in the bedroom is one thing, but on the bed with you as you catch some shuteye is another. You might just be costing yourself a good night’s sleep.

8. 33% of Canadians say that they purchased their last mattress more than five but less than ten years ago.

Coming in quite close, 32% of Canadians say it’s been more than a year, but less than five. It might be time for the 22% of Canadians who bought their mattress more than 10 years ago to follow the 12% that said they bought their mattress within the past year. 

9. Buying Canadian made mattresses is important to Canadians

Buying Canadian made mattresses is important to Canadians – When asked how important it is to buy a mattress product made in Canada on a scale from 1-10, 43 % are neutral (answering between 4 and 7), while 39% say it’s important (between 8 and 10).