Influencer Of The Week: Aliya-Jasmine

This week's influencer is Aliya-Jasmine, a Canadian TV Host and Producer with an undeniable love for #the6ix. Get to know her sleep habits, most horrifying work-nightmare and favourite LA/Toronto brunch spots...

1.  Who is Aliya-Jasmine? How do you stay so cool?

I'm a TV Host & Producer. I'm not that cool, my job is the only thing that makes me cool, otherwise I'd just be a nerd with a vintage comic book collection and probably still have a uni-brow.

2.  What is the longest day you have ever had on set?

5 consecutive 18 hour days. I was drained to the max after that week of shooting - I think I stayed in bed for the next 3 days, no joke. I could have really used my ENDY mattress and pillows back then!

3.  Why is sleep important to you as a TV Anchor and Producer?

So much of my on-air job requires me to be alert, quick on my feet, and be witty - all of which are impossible without getting enough sleep. In terms of my writing and production work, I often come up with my best ideas when I'm dreaming...I have a notebook next to my bed in case I wake up in the middle of the night to jot down an idea!

4.  How many hours of sleep do you usually get a night?

I used to live on 5 hours, but since I recently moved in with a professional athlete - Mike has helped me realize how 8 hours of sleep should be way higher on my priority list. My productivity and happiness has increased dramatically with 8 hours sleep!

5.  Toronto or Los Angeles? Why? (Answer at your own risk…)

Toronto over everything!!!! I love the weather in LA and a great opportunity brought me down here - but I miss the city that made me into the woman I am. Love for #6ix for life. Rest assured, I'm the loudest Raptors fan in Venice.

6.  Have you ever had a work-related nightmare? What happened?!

I have a reoccurring nightmare that I accidentally say the "F" word on Live Television and lose my job.

7.  What is your favorite sleeping position?

Diagonally across the bed with one foot hanging off the side. ;)

8.  Is George Hamilton (@grumpyfuzzypuppy) a good sleeping buddy?

He's literally the size and texture of a stuffed animal!! George Hamilton is by far, my favorite little spoon! (Sorry, Mike.)

9.  How do you like your coffee?

Black. A bit of brown sugar.

10.  What is your favorite Toronto brunch spot?

Petit Dejeuner on King East.

11. What is your favorite LA brunch spot?

Venice Ale House is at the end of my street, right on the palm tree lined boardwalk with a view of the pacific ocean.

12. How do you like your new Endy pillows? Would you recommend them?

I already have!! They are firm and really thick, since I often sleep on my side, I love that they keep my head and neck in a good position - I was actually having neck pain and since I got my pillows I haven't had a sore neck! I love them. Mike is a back sleeper and he adores his too! We've even caught George trying to get up on them. Safe to say, our entire Wolf-pack approves!!