Endy's Ultimate Wind Down Playlist

In between cooking a well-balanced meal, running errands, and attempting to tackle overdue chores, work doesn’t just end at the office. Sometimes the post-5 p.m. life can feel more like a stress inducer than a stress reliever, which is more incentive to make decompressing an integral part of your nightly routine. It can come in many forms: a good book; going for jog; or watching reruns of Friends. But what do you do if you can’t fully devote yourself to one of those activities? We suggest cueing up a good playlist!

Music has the ability to take you to relaxation station, so we asked members of the Endy team for what they listen to after a long day to curate the “Ultimate Wind Down Playlist” for you. Here are some of their favourite tracks and a little description as to why they made the cut.

“Fire & Desire” by Drake

Victoria - Bilingual Customer Experience Specialist

“Never deny the power of a song on repeat. I listen to Fire and Desire on loop. It's easy. It feels like he's singing to me, and about me. ‘You a real ass woman and I like it,’ he says, and I start to believe it.”

“Dog Years” by Maggie Rogers

Natalie - Customer Experience Specialist

“Maggie Rogers first caught my attention in her Tiny Desk Concert [hosted by NPR Music] on Youtube, which was a great, intimate introduction to her music. Her style is a perfect combination of mellow and upbeat, so it's great to listen to on the streetcar back home and give your mind a break. Plus, her voice is just dynamite.”

“(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding

George - Customer Experience Specialist

“This is the first song that I play once I've arrived and settled in at the cottage. If you think the cottage is enough of a wind down, try playing this while sitting on the dock at sunset. Who says the great Canadian outdoors can't get any more relaxing?”

“Feels” by Anna of the North

Linda - Content Writer & StoryTeller

“‘Feels’ by Anna of the North makes me feel like I’ve been thrown into the atmosphere… in a good way. Listening to this song makes me feel like I’m floating, forcing the pace of my mind to slow down and reminding me to take the day in. The steadiness of the track paired with the levity of her voice is like horse tranquilizer for my anxieties without being too powerful so that my head can still bop to the beat.”

“Self Control” by Frank Ocean

Alex - Email Marketing MANAGER

“This is the most beautiful song I have ever heard, no hyperbole. It’s about uniquely human emotions, a circumstance we’re all familiar with; having to give up someone you love, even if you’re not quite ready. While the lyrics bring you back to old loves, the composition and vocals bring an eerie sense of calm. Towards the end of the song, Frank pours out these haunting vocals that gives me chills, quite literally, every time.”

“B4 The Night is Thru” by Jesse Boykins III

Tushar - Influencer Marketing Specialist

“For me R&B has always been my go-to genre when I want to wind down from a busy day and when I came across Jesse Boykins III's timeless album Love Apparatus, it really put me in a good place.”

Check out the rest of our Wind Down Playlist below. You won’t regret it!