Get It Right: Sleep

Mary Young, the Toronto-based entrepreneur behind the Canadian lingerie brand of the same name, gets intimate and shares her better sleep secrets. This post is originally from

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When it comes to sleep there are so many unanswered questions. The biggest one is, how do I get a good sleep and wake up feeling refreshed? This is still something I question, especially the days that I wake up not feeling so great. Over the past few years I've really started to pay attention to my sleep, and how a good sleep can truly make the world of a difference in my happiness, productivity and overall perspective on life.

Now, I definitely am not an expert on this nor do I claim to be one, but I have had many restless nights and groggy mornings to understand that a good sleep is vital to overall health. And it's even more valuable when you're constantly on the go. So in hopes of you having a better sleep, I've rounded up a list of things that I have made a difference for me when it comes to getting a good sleep!

Sleeping Schedule

When it comes to actually falling asleep or waking up, having a routine or schedule is key to a better sleep. I'm would call myself a morning person, but there were many years I definitely hated the morning. When I was struggling with health issues and migraines, I focused on being diligent with my sleeping schedule.

I gave myself a 'bedtime' that I would get into bed, roughly 10:30pm and then I would spend the next 30min unwinding and decompressing. Sometimes that was watching a quick tv show or reading. By 11pm I would feel less stressed or anxious and then it would be lights out. To get myself to be a morning person I would stick to a set alarm, even if I went to bed late, I would still wake up at that time. Forcing yourself to get up early, even when you're not a morning person, is the first step to train yourself to be a morning person. Since you get up early, you'll find yourself to be tired earlier, therefore resetting your sleeping schedule. Sticking to this sleeping schedule will also let your body know when it's time to produce Melatonin - a gland that helps control your sleeping cycle - and in turn, fall asleep. If you're struggling falling asleep or staying asleep, buy some Melatonin, found at any drugstore, and take a tablet or two before bed to encourage that new sleep cycle.

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The Foundation

Like anything, without a good foundation, you can't to grow something strong. So with a terrible mattress or pillows, you'll have a tough time really getting a great sleep. I've always been super particular to mattresses and pillows, to the point where I insisted my mom get new pillows for the guest room so I could have a good sleep when I visited home.

One thing I find to be such a struggle with a good mattress is the temperature, if I'm not sweating, then I'm freezing cold, especially because the temperatures in Canada fluctuate so much. Over a month ago I unboxed my brand new Endy mattress, with hesitation in all honesty. I've always loved my previous mattress though it was getting close to it's lifetime of 10 years but I was scared to try something new, mostly because I assumed my *sensitive* body would not adjust well. I knew change would be a good thing and of course, an inevitable change too, I decided to give it a shot. And let me tell you, this changed the whole sleeping game! I can finally find a stable temperature, likely because the Endy mattress features gel-infused foam that helps maintain a constant temperature through all seasons. Not only is it insanely comfortable, being a morning person just got harder as I never want to leave my bed, it's also Canadian made!

Aside from the insanely comfortable mattress I also gave the pillows a shot. As a newly trained side sleeper, I miss sleeping on my stomach but my neck is so thankful, I figured the Endy foam pillows would encourage me to continue sleeping on my side or back. My favourite part is you can remove foam for a more comfortable thickness and shape. Since I have a smaller frame and neck, lots of pillows were often too stuffed for me. I was able to remove stuffing in these pillows to create the perfect sleeping thickness, and was able to use the extra foam for a travel pillow. Can you say efficient?

If you haven't been sleeping well, look at your foundation of pillows and a mattress to see if they could be the culprit. I promise, investing in your sleep will have one of the biggest returns on any investment you can make!

Set The Mood

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This may not seem as obvious as the preview two, but I swear, the mood of your bedroom matters so much. When I was working from home I always struggled with sleep, mostly because work surrounded me and my bed. I focused on keeping work out of my bed, no emails in bed or work related anything stacked beside it.

If you associate your bed with work or homework, then you wont naturally go to it for relaxation and rest. You need to set the mood of your bedroom to encourage rest and peace, somewhere you turn to recharge. For each of you that will look very different, but the main point is to keep it separate from work or schoolwork.

I love framing artwork, photos or sentimental things to surround me. These items give me a sense of joy and warmth, reminding me of the great friends, family and overall life that I am blessed to live. Whatever brings you joy and encourages a sense of peace bring into your room!

Not to mention having the most comfortable bed matches the most comfortable lingerie.