Influencer Of The Week: Lauren Toyota

This month we're featuring some of our favourite Canadian influencers.

This week's influencer is Lauren Toyota, a Canadian YouTuber and vegan blogger. We connected to discover her favourite vegan-friendly brunch spot and why sleep is so important to her career...

1.  Who is Lauren Toyota?

I’m Lauren Toyota… I think I’m the only one?! I’m a YouTube creator, food blogger, vegan lifestyle ambassador, and a highly intuitive human.

2.  Mmm… How much champagne can you drink in one sitting?

I prefer to have maybe 2 glasses, but once I drank almost a whole bottle to myself.

3.  Would you say sleep is imperative to your career? Why?

YES! My career requires lots of creativity so I need a proper sleep to recharge. And I am usually in front of a camera so I have to look well rested!

4.  How many hours of sleep do you usually get a night?

I need at least 8 hours and usually try to make that happen.

5.  Do you have any unique morning routine habits? What are they??

I wish I had more of a routine, but it’s usually always different. I try to fit in a meditation, even if it’s a quick one. But before I meditate I usually make coffee!

6.  How do you take your coffee?

With almond or soy milk

7.  What is @kincommunity? Can you tell us a little about it?

Kin Community is the #1 women’s lifestyle network on YouTube and they’re basically the only reason I make a living getting to do what I love! They’re an MCN (multi-channel network) that works closely with content creators and basically consults on all things YouTube. Plus they bring together unique brand partnership opportunities for my channels.

8.  If you had to chose between food and sleep what would it be?


9.  What inspired you to go vegan?

I love food (see above) but before I went vegan every time I ate I never felt good. So I finally woke up one day and said “I need to change this!” I started transitioning to a vegan diet and never looked back.

10.  What is your favorite vegan-friendly Toronto brunch spot?

I love Hogtown Vegan for brunch and dinner!

11.  Little spoon or big spoon?

Little spoon!

12.  How is Snickle liking the new Endy? Does he sleep with you?

Snickles loves the new Endy! He was the 2nd person(?) to try it after me. He sleeps with me every night, mainly right in my way, and wakes up way to early!


Check out Lauren's recent vlog on her big move and Endy unboxing (11:08)!