The Best Bedtime Books for Kids

It’s finally 8:00 PM, and before you can kick back and relax, you’ve got to put the kids to bed. They’ve brushed their teeth, hopped into their PJs, and picked their favourite bedtime book. The problem is, you’ve read it over a thousand times - so much that you memorize it -  and you’re ready to toss it out the window. Say goodbye to skipping pages or rushing through bedtime reading, because with these books in your rotation, your kids will fall asleep real quick. Trust us - you’ll actually enjoy reading them too.

Pajama Time! by Sandra Boynton

Stop. Pajama Time! From plaid PJ sets to fuzzy onesies, this sing-along read will have your little one bobbing to the beat in bed. Good luck getting the tune out of your head.

I Love You, Stinky Face by Lisa Mccourt

Would you still love your kid if they were “an alligator with big sharp teeth that could bite your head off’?” An imaginative child questions his mother’s love with a few interesting questions. Be prepared to LOL and what they say is true: a mother’s love is forever.

Mortimer by Robert Munsch

Clang, clang, rattle-bing-bang! If you’ve ever had to deal with a kid resist bedtime, you’re in for a treat with this story. On a mission to drive his family crazy, Mortimer sings loudly in hopes someone will tell him to be quiet. Pretty sure if he was on an Endy, he’d fall asleep in a heartbeat. Does he eventually doze off? You’ll have to give the book a read to find out!

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

Beloved by generations of readers and listeners, Goodnight Moon is the perfect book for the end of the day. Its use of quiet poetry and lulling illustrations will have your little one snoozing in a second.

Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Book by Dr. Seuss

Yawns are contagious and so is the love for this book. Van Vleck, a very small bug, starts to get sleepy and his yawn sets off a chain reaction. Head toward dreamland with this classic rhyming bedtime story. zzzZZZ.

Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney

Baby Llama is cozy in bed, but once his Mama leaves he has an all-out bedtime drama. Mama Llama returns and sets everything right.

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