Why You Should Take A Bath Before Bed

Achieving a relaxed state of mind and body is the goal when looking to fall into a deep, sound sleep. A warm bath can help to achieve this. At night before bed, a warm bath will raise your body temperature, making you more relaxed and ready to hit the hay.

Once you leave the tub, your body temperature will drop, signaling to your body that it’s time to sleep. At this point, your heart rate, breathing, and digestion will be slowed, leaving you in a calm, almost drowsy state.

Warm baths are also responsible for dilating the blood vessels, allowing more blood and oxygen to flow into tight and tense muscles in the body. A release in muscle tension triggers our feelings of wanting to wind down and sleep.

Bath time is relaxing but it can also be fun; bubbles, bath bombs and all! Now that I've convinced you to take a bath tonight, here are some tips on having the most enjoyable bath.

Tips for the ultimate bath

1.  Lavender

Lavender, one of the most essential oils in the World, has always been known as an excellent ingredient for relaxation and stress relief.

You can add lavender oil directly to your bath but be sure to disperse the oil throughout the water (Tip: Epsom salts).

What I recommend: 'A French Kiss' bubble bar from Lush. Relax in a French-inspired purple tub of lavender and luxurious bubbles.

2.  Bath Bombs

Throw these bad boys into the tub and watch them explode, turning your unexciting, clear bathwater into a colorful oasis. It doesn't get much better than this!

What I recommend: The Big Blue bath bomb from Lush. This seaweed soak bath bomb will make you feel like your on vacation. Packed with natural ingredients like seaweed and salt, it will help soften and smooth your skin.

And if you're feeling crafty, DIY bath bombs

3.  Bubbles

Bubble bars are the way to go when you're looking for a tub full of fun and luxury. For Hollywood worthy bubbles, feel free to add more than one bar!

4.  Candles

Turn the lights down and light some candles. Candles add to the experience, providing ambience to the room and heavenly scents.



5. Music

Music sets the mood. This Spotify Playlist is full of chill tracks (and don't be surprised if you end up singing in your bath!).

6.  Wine Holder

Alcohol before bed isn't recommended (it's known to disrupt your REM cycle), but I personally don't mind a glass (or three!) if it's the weekend.