Your April Bedroom-O-Scope

The spiritual Endymion is looking in... 



March 21–April 20

This winter was definitely a slower one for you on the bedroom front. You've been spending more time actually sleeping as opposed to anything else. As the sun is quickly beginning to heat things up on the weather front, so will your life! If this past passion charged March lunar eclipse didn't bring you your match, be patient... just like summer, that special someone is just around the corner!

Write off day to stay in bed: April 17



April 21–May 21

Horns out Taurus’- this is your year! Past breakup wounds are finally healing, and you are ready to get back in the ring. Don’t think too much about settling down just yet. Have some frisky fun, it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Write off day to stay in bed: April 3



May 22–June 20

You are hot on the market right now. Your powerful energy is pulling people in. However, be weary of who you let into your bed space. Last month's eclipse has drawn some rebellious spirits your way… If you are looking to settle down, wait until late July-August, the summer heat will be sure to reflect on your love life.

Write off day to stay in bed: April 16



June 21–July 22

Hello kind spirit, this past March was meant to sweep you off your feet. You will know if the match is right for you if you feel that you are leaving your comfort zone. Don’t over think things, it feels different for a reason. Follow your heart; the odds are in your favour this spring. Be bold, be open.

Write off day to stay in bed: April 9



July 23–August 22

This is your year for - as Kylie Jenner would say - “realizing things”. The relationship you were hoping to bloom might be stuck in the friend zone. Don’t be afraid to let go of what you know deep down is not right for you. You will start to develop a new crush within the next couple months. Don’t hold back, a summer fling might be just the thing you need.

Write off day to stay in bed: April 23



August 23–September 22

What an exciting year it’s been! Strong relationship foundations built, commitments made… you’re in it for the long hall. There’s no stopping you Virgo, the romance is set to continue and February will be no exception. Make sure you take the time to feel the love; if you do, it is sure to be the kind that is life changing.

Write off day to stay in bed: April 17



Sept. 23–Oct. 22

It’s been somewhat of an off year for you Libra, especially in the bedroom. You have been looking to fill a void in what may not be the right places. It is time to let go of past loves and focus on the future. Do not settle. You know what you want and it is time to go for it. Stop running away. It might take you some time to get there and you might not be ready for a new relationship just yet, but open your heart and good things will come your way.

Write off day to stay in bed: April 2



Oct. 23–Nov. 21

Your bed is on everyone’s mind this year, you have a new kick to you and people are noticing. Don’t feel bad about exploring a few partners, because when you find the one that’s just right, you will definitely know. Be cautious around insecure souls and be honest about your intentions. Don’t go making promises you can’t keep, your powerful energy can quickly become destructive if used the wrong way.

Write off day to stay in bed: April 10



Nov. 22–Dec. 21

Snooze on Sagittarius. Those of you in committed relationships, spend some time in bed with your partners, watch movies, relax and really spend quality time together. For you single Sagittarius’, now is the time to take a break and recover from those sleepless nights. No pressured dates, no crazy partying, just good old fashioned R&R. You time is what you need for the next couple months. Come summer, you’ll be lucky to get any time to yourself!

Write off day to stay in bed: April 30



Dec. 22–Jan. 19

You’ve been really career focused and now it’s time to get back into the game. Maybe even open up some of those dating Apps; Tinder, Bumble, Bagel… Whatever floats your boat or should I say, bed... Lot’s of sexy potential, if you’re willing to put away the laptop for even a little. Have fun, you deserve it!

Write off day to stay in bed: April 2



Jan. 20–Feb. 18

Aquarii aren’t the easiest sign to date, and you are surely aware. But be your witty, intellectual self, and the right person will love you for it! Spend time with potential partners who share your interests. Don’t be scared to say how you truly feel. You are notorious for holding back, don’t. If you love someone, tell them and if you don’t set them free. Follow this rule and romance will find you. Come this May… expect some bedroom action. You’re ready, don’t hold back!

Write off day to stay in bed: April 10



Feb. 19–March 20

You've been a serial-dater this year. What may have seemed like harmless flings to you may have cause heartaches to others. Take some time these next few months to understand what you truly want... beyond the bedroom. By August, you will know if you are ready to commit, till then just take it easy and look for people who have common goals and expectations. 

Write off day to stay in bed: April 16